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List of the most common filetypes used by Chemsimul

File extensionUse
*.cscChemsimul case file (= basic input file).
*.datData file - often used as an older type of input (case) file.
*.resProject result file. Final output from Chemsimul.
*.tblProject tabular output file. Used to create Chemsimul graphs.
*.savSaved concentrations after a simulation. Used as input for next step in sequential analysis.
*.csjChemsimul job to control a series of case files to generate a sequential simulation.
*.tmpTemporary file - can be used as a modified input file - i.e. an inputfile, where one or more parameters have been changed, and a (test) run is activated without saving the case as a new project.
*.txtAny text file. Could be a table used as input to Chemsimul.
*.csvA comma or semicolon-separated table from e.g. Excel to be used as input to Chemsimul.
*.expText file containing experimental data to be plotted together with a Chemsimul graph.
Alternative to *.csv.
*.emfExtended Windows Meta File containing graphic output from Chemsimul.
Either a saved graph or a saved formula.
May be used as input to Word etc.


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