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How to use Refreshable parameters

Refreshable parameters may be used to specify time and/or temperature dependable parameters as:
  • Reaction rates
  • G-values
  • Exchange equations
  • Conversion factor

Example 1 - from the report

An artificial test case with two refreshable parameters defined in the window "Refreshable parameters"


A reaction using one of the refreshable parameters is defined here.

The reaction rate is defined by the refreshable parameter "<z1".


Both the refreshable parameters "<z1" and "<z1" are shown in the graphical setup.

The source code "Refreshables.csc" is found here: Refreshable_examples.zip



Example 2

An increase in the solution density during irradiation of the cericsulfate dosimetry system will increase the formation rate of Ce+++. The conversion factor, c, is entered as a refreshable parameter.


The conversion factor is changing with time according to the specified function.

The refreshable parameter "<conversion" is here used to define the actual conversion factor.


The source code "Cerisulfatex.csc" is found here: Refreshable_examples.zip